Like It Or Not! Netflix Switches to Up/Down Rating System

Netflix has decided you are too dumb to understand a 5-star rating system. Instead they are switching to a simple thumbs up/down.

Through what they are calling ‘extensive A/B testing’ Netflix VP of Product Todd Yellin said Thursday that they tested the new Pandora style judgement system on hundreds of thousands of members during 2016. 200% more ratings of titles was the result.

Not content to steal the Pandora rating system, they are also incorporating the OKCupid method of percent matching. They are going to show you how much of a match a title is to you, so something they think you will really like will be a 95% match, while titles that are less than a 50% match will not show the percent at all…

Why have they dumbed down their system? Well according to netflix they saw a difference between how people rated titles and what they actually watched. People would rate documentaries as 5-star but watched more of the cheesy comedies which they would rate as only 3-stars. So now instead of only partially enjoying a movie, you now either like it or hate it!